Daily Devotional: Christ the only life in you_ Tcf

Date: 14-08-2020

Galatians 2:20-21

 So when you understand that Christ is the life in you, you know who you are. That you are Christ in you! Christ doesn't struggle to pray, so you don't struggle to pray. Christ isn't cursed so you're not cursed in any way (neither can you be).

Christ doesn't have weaknesses, so you don't have weaknesses. Christ doesn't have sinful urges, so you don't have sinful urges. Chris doesn't fear, so you don't fear. Christ doesn't have bad dreams, so you don't have bad dreams. Christ doesn't have sicknesses, so you don't have sicknesses. These are but a few.
 Christ is strength, so you have strength. Christ lives holy and wills to live holy, so all your urges and will is to live holy. Christ is courageous and bold and full of faith, so you're courageous and bold and full of faith. Christ is health so you have health in you. You live healthy (you don't need healing. Healing is for those without Christ that have sicknesses to be healed of.

You don't have sicknesses. You have health in you, so you live healthy) you have good dreams because that's who Christ is. Christ prays without ceasing, so you pray without ceasing. Christ is hungry (passionate) for the Word, so you're hungry (passionate) for the Word. These are but a few. You have and do all these because you have Christ in you. He's the only life in you.

   So when you understand and know this, you cant live a life that is not Christ. You now realise that you don't have weaknesses. You don't have flaws. Because you're dead, and Christ is the only life in you! He doesn't have any of those things, so you don't.

Therefore you can't confess "your weaknesses" because you don't have any! You only confess your strength, because you have them all because it's only Christ that is in you. If you know this, and choose to confess a weakness, you'd be lying. But you can't lie, because Christ does not lie.

So you only confess your strength. That's how you grow. That's how you wax. You move from *"Lord I can't do it, It's difficult" (that's for the dead guy). You move to " I can do it, because it's Christ in me who lives. So I can do it because Christ works the doing in me". You move from "Lord, I have no power, I'm weak."* That's for the dead guy. You move to "Lord, I have power, because Christ lives in me, He's the power in me." You don't come to God confessing weaknesses anymore. You only come to God confessing strength. Because you now know who's in you! Hallelujah!!! We continue tomorrow. You're blessed.

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