Church Gist: How the mantle of Dr. Morris Cerullo was passed to Dr. Paul Enenche

How the mantle of Dr. Morris Cerullo was passed to Dr. Paul Enenche

How the mantle of Dr. Morris Cerullo was passed to Dr. Paul Enenche

The Kingdom and Glory World Conference of November 2018 at The Glory Dome was a blast. Top on the list of Supernatural transactions was the transfer of Mantle from Dr. Moris to Dr enenche

Described as one of the last living fruits of the Healing Revivalists, Dr. Morris Cerullo “slipped” into the Wednesday Morning Session to the surprise of the hosts and the conference attendees and he was ushered to the altar to pronounce a blessing upon the conference attendees.

Upon mounting the mounting the pulpit, Dr. Morris Cerullo raised the hands of Dr. Enenche and said to the crowd “I love Him. This is one of God’s Generals”.

According to him, he had no plans to be in the service and he was on his way to the airport but he decided to slip into the service briefly. Getting into the Dome, The Lord opened His eyes and he saw a Vision. In his words, “I saw a Vision. Two men were walking through a place of gardens and beautiful flowers and they were travelling from one place to another and at each place a supernatural manifestation took place. As I walked down the stairs with this Incredible Pastor, The Holy Spirit spoke again and said ‘This morning I have destined to release my Spiritual Destiny upon my people here in a new way.’

“You are about to see a release of a manifestation; There is a powerful spiritual force. it is about to be released over Nigeria It will bring about the greatest manifestation of the power of God that the world has ever seen!…”

Continuing with the vision, he said

“So these two men go from city to city and they get to a Sacred place where a man by the name “Elijah”. and when they went from village to village and got to this certain place, this prophet looked at the person that he was mentoring in the Spirit and said ‘Is there anything you want from me?”

Turning to Dr. Enenche, Dr. Morris Cerullo asked:

 “Paul, Is there anything you want from God’s Servant?” He bursts out groaning in the Holy Ghost and Dr Paul and Dr. Becky Enenche went on their knees before Him, hands lifted. He pronounced twice of what he had on them and as they both fell to the floor under the Influence of The Anointing, there was an eruption of The Spirit in the crowd.

Lifting the overwhelmed couple off the ground, he declared to them ”If Morris is a prophet of God, I tell you- Thus saith The Lord: ‘This is the moment. This is your defining moment’; and God is telling me to tell you that the secret things that you have in your heart that you’ve been crying out to God to give those things to you in literal manifestation; He told me to tell you that this morning, He has seen your cry. He has seen your tears. and it shall be done! It’s done!!!”

Continuing the vision, he said “The two men continued walking and all of a sudden they weren’t holding hands anymore. There was an elevation and Elijah was taken up…”


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