E-Book Alert: Code of Honour_ Ignite Conference

By the Grace of God, I've had the privilege to interact with many people of diverse 
backgrounds, many diverse beliefs and rooting. We've prayed together, laughed 
played, attended meetings together. I noticed that there was a major trend though 
why many of the youths we interacted with would not grow spiritually
In this part of the world, we are after charisma, power and manifestations so much 
so that we care about these things alone without paying attention to basic things 
that'll help us make a lot of progress.
“ We love the anointing more than the man”…
We do A LOT of man pursuit. Following ministers up and down just to gain from 
them. And because we dont know how to receive, we still end up empty.
A single thing... HONOUR…
It has dealt with many of us.
This evening though, it will be dealt with and you'll see God's code, an open yet 
unknown code called Honour
Honour is a system that helps you open very strange doors in the spirit. 
Like I said, it's a code. 
Codes are meant to unlock something..
Many things locked over your life, is because the understanding of a code is 
Honour brings you into the rest of men.
It connects you to covenants and giftings.
It connects you to dimensions of God prevalent in the life of a man.
Honour is a sign that you have regard for God because one of God's greatest 
desires is to see unity in the body.
Look at our anchor scripture again and you'll see it. Psalm 133:1-3
“ How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in 
Harmony (UNITY) “

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