Church News: Winners Chapel plants 1600 new Churches in 8 weeks

Towards 10,000 Churches in 2020

Winners’ Chapel plants over 1600 New Churches across Nigeria in 8 weeks.

*Over 40 new Churches planted in Ghana.

*Over 4000 Staff employed by the Mission during lockdown.

-Bishop David Oyedepo, 1st Service, Canaanland

*Financial fortune is not just about Naira and Kobo; Dollars and Pounds: it’s about walking in liberty from EVERY form of misfortune.

Bless God for a most awesome visitation of the ‘Midst of the Year’, give Him thanks for a most awesome visitation all through the ‘Midst of the Year’ season. We celebrate You Jesus. In Jesus precious name we have given thanks.
Would you thank God for keeping you alive to be a partaker of this ‘Midst of the Year’ revival? Thank Him for keeping you and I alive to become partakers of this awesome season. Thank You Jesus.

We are very familiar with this statement here: “God is not looking for who to use but looking for who to bless.”
For everyone who has made himself and herself available to this divine purpose, divine agenda: it’s your turn to be blessed.
Everyone who has stood in the place of prayers, everyone who has gone out after souls, everyone who has sent messages to people to connect with the light that is issuing forth from here, everyone that’s a part of gathering people unto Jesus: it is your turn to be blessed.
Therefore, I declare you blessed of the Lord in the name of Jesus!
Every of your secret labour shall be openly rewarded!
Every of your secret investment shall enjoy open dividends in the name of Jesus Christ!
Wherever you may be in the world and you are a part of the revival: in the name of Jesus, may the blessings of this revival keep speaking in your life all through your days. In Jesus precious name. Thank You Father,

Well today, is our Financial Fortune Banquet: Kingdom financial fortune is not just about silver and gold. Yes, it comes along as its object but more importantly is the fact that it terminates all misfortune. For the blessing of the Lord maketh rich and adds no sorrow to it (Proverbs 10:22).
You don’t get depressed with Kingdom wealth.
You don’t ever get apprehensive with Kingdom wealth.
You don’t suffer any hand of devourers with Kingdom wealth.
No matter the hardship on the earth, you don’t get stranded (Psalm 37:18-19).
When men shall say there is a casting down, covenant people shall say there is a lifting up (Job 22:29).
Kingdom wealth is never affected by economic environment: it was harsh, it was rough for Egypt but it was buoyant for covenant people. People were offering themselves for sale but in the city of Goshen where Israel dwelt, they had possessions therein and grew and multiplied exceedingly (Genesis 47:27). They were in the county of Goshen in the nation of Egypt, under the same economic environment but No: that’s what differentiates Kingdom wealth from social wealth. The gap is wide.
You just heard in the news now that your Church planted 1600 new Churches in 2 months. Now, 1600 must have lead support staff here on the payroll of the Mission.
Job 22:29
Well, that’s what you are here for this morning. You are coming out from every realm of misfortune.
Zero concern over children, spouse, grandchildren, the works of your hand. Round about rest.
It’s not just about Naira and Kobo; Dollars and Pounds: it’s about walking in liberty from every form of misfortune.
For the blessing of the Lord that comes through the covenant practice of giving adds no sorrow with it (Proverbs 10:22).
Sorrow free life, you are encountering that from this place.


Source: Church Gist

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