Church Gist: Deep secrets about Apostle Joshua Selman's Ministry.

-Apostle Joshua Selman

Whatever level you want to get to, there is a carrier of that anointing walking in this earth. The reason is we have not honoured them is because some of them are your room mates in class. You go to class together but you do not know the difference.

You have been castigating everybody who is married instead of sowing. See let me tell you the truth. Everybody I see, every nice car that I see, because I want to buy a nice car, I say Lord, thank you for this car. If my friend buys (a) car today, I will be the first person to provide fuel for that car. I am not a fool, I know this principle.

You want to go far as a music minister, yet you keep castigating those ahead of you, pave your way into greatness by honour, pave your way into the stage by honour. Serve that anointing faithfully, be that backup singer faithfully, play that instrument faithfully. Your way to greatness is by serving an anointing.
You see why we are rich? Because we provide free bus transport for you. I don’t know the kinds of anointing that are here and I know that there are some anointing that we do not have, so we sow into your anointing by providing bus.

Many of you are laughing, wondering why this ministry is increasing, these are the laws…Every time I’m around a man of God…When I went to Doctor Akpami’s Church to minister, it was a honour because he is a father in the land. When I entered, people were looking at me and saying ‘oh, this is the Apostle Joshua.’ When I went in front of Dr Akpami, I got down on both of my knees. I don’t know him, he is not my spiritual father for some of you who have been misled and misguided with devilish doctrines and I greeted him and then I got up because without controversy, the lesser is blessed of the greater.

Many of you sit down and watch men of God on TV and you say “kaaaii, this man’s rhema sef is so bad”. You have not gotten to where he is getting to, you have 3 members and then you are criticizing him. There are people who criticize me today and criticize us, and never walk in the anointing. I tell you, you can listen to all my tapes and the heavens will remain shut. That honour is a law.

Look at the myriads of Nigerians in Abuja and Lagos queuing for jobs; their yard mates go to a lucrative office everyday. Why not wake up early in the morning and polish his shoes and keep it for him. You may not understand what you are doing but you are tapping into a law. I tell you it will not take 2 weeks, they will call you. Are you listening to me? Respect this principle I am teaching you.

For your information, let me tell you the secret about the prosperity of this ministry. I am sowing into the life of Living Faith, I am sowing into the life of Kenneth Copeland, I am sowing into the life of Benny Hinn…I am sowing into the life of Kobus Van Rensberg. I believe them. When I got up, I went to South Africa. I was fasting, I was praying. I didn’t go to show that I am going abroad. I had serious business there. He was a carrier of an anointing. Others were discussing and criticizing and I said “Lord, I know there is grace” and I went there.

Smith Wigglesworth laid his hands on Lester Sumrall and Kobus was with Lester Sumrall for one week. When I went there, Kobus looked at me and said “I want to connect you to the lineage of the Generals” and he laid his hands on me 3 times.

Sorry for all the people who carry all kinds of rubbish news. It’s not by age, if you understand the principles, you will rise. Are you listening to me? Listen to me, hear me.

My mother and my father laid their hands and blessed me for ministry and this is why l can never fail. You don’t know the hands and the anointing that are responsible for what you are seeing.

I respect the carriers of this anointing. I sow into the lives of blessed people. Mike Murdock one of my greatest financial mentors, l don’t like him, he is a seed man but he carries something l am looking for.

When he came to COZA, l couldn’t make it, l was screaming in my room and praying in tongues for 6 hours, for 3 hours everyday from the beginning to the end of that program. I paid for the internet what l would have paid for my hotel bills. Some of you just get up and say how are these people getting their anointing and all kinds of stories rather than celebrating.

When you don’t celebrate an anointing, forget about walking in it. I will never allow a man who is greater than me to do what l can do for him. I go to (a) shop to buy something and l see an elderly woman, over my dead body for that woman to pay money if l can pay.

It must not be a Pastor, you want to raise children, you see a woman that has raised eight children and all of them are disciplined, there is an anointing, you can tap into that woman’s anointing.

I see ministries that represent the things l want, even in the realms of prosperity, l couldn’t understand the prosperity on Oyedepo’s life. I study this man and read his books, l couldn’t find the key. I said, “Lord, what kind of thing is this? I need to see something”. And the Lord told me one day, you are going to sow into his life. The day the Lord told me, l went to Canaan Land and l sowed into that anointing. I came out and entered the car, the Lord told me “come out! Kneel down on that ground”, l knelt down and laid my hands and the Lord said from today, everywhere you go, the Land will open for you.

People keep criticizing, we go to CTC it is packed with people, we come here, packed full. When you see a man prospering, find out what Laws is being operated, it is God that oversees His Laws.

I can’t go to a restaurant and somebody that carries something…, before all my brothers entered into a relationship, when they entered into a relationship l was concerned, (on) Valentine’s day, l will sow into it.

Many of you are there grumbling and shouting and making noise, “my sister got married, what of me, don’t these guys like me” and you will see your roommate who may not be as good looking as you, every time she is cooking and you will ask “where are you carrying this food to” she says “l want to sow into an anointing” you are laughing at her, then you see one clean brother come out with his prosperity and say she is the one. You will sit down and say “God you are not fair”. Let me tell you, life will never change until you change it. For those of you who are waiting for things to change, I’m showing you a law without controversy, the lesser is blessed of the greater.


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