Church Gist: The enemy is fighting against the opening of churches- Bishop David Oyedepo

The enemy is fighting against the opening of churches-  Bishop David Oyedepo

The founder of living faith church a.k.a Winners Chapel has expressed his displeasure at Nigerian leaders over stalling the reopening of churches in their bid to curb the spread of coronavirus. According to him, there has been no spread of the virus in the states where church have been allowed to reopen. 
He also complained that religious centers are not allowed to hold service for more than one hour  while are allowed to open for up to eight hours. He asked ' if your family member dies, will you die with him?'
He also stated that there might be' preaching censorship ' following the recent directives issues by Nigerian Leaders 
Bishop Oyedepo however insisted that this is the fight of the enemy against the opening of churches

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