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People are falling
Some  crying 
Chairs are scattering
Ushers are helping, 

Because someone is singing. 

Do you know that the Devil can sing now and make you cry? 
The Devil can sing today and all the chairs will still scatter and the ushers in your Church will be running helter skelter. 

But there is a challenge. The Devil can not sing you to heaven on earth because he has no grip on that realm. He can only sing you to your emotion.

He can sing and at best you will just fall and stand up to continue with your dead prayer life at even a worse state. 

If he sings, you may cry and yet there will be no conviction to the sins you committed yesterday,  at best you will learn new song. 

At best, you will see new music skill and go home to continue your life outside God. 

Because there is a huge difference between an anointed man and a man of His presence. 

And that difference is not a loud shout. It's not vocal prowess,  the difference is the Glory of God. 

Anyone can be anointed but Glory is given on account of relationship with God. 

The Devil has anointed men, promised them great voice and good songs that are empty of the presence of God. 

There is a minister reading this,  it's true that people still fall and cry while you minister. 

It's true that they scream and shout but you know that you are no more in the heart of God. 

Whenever you start ministering, the Devil will help scatter chairs and push people down just so that you won't noticed that you have left the Lord. 

Anointing too can be used as a tool of deception by the Devil.

You know about the ashes on your altar but yet whenever you pick up the Mic, it will be a time for the pastor to buy new chairs because of how many people that would fall and break chairs. 

The Devil is on your case, making sure he does deceptive signs and wonders through your hand just so that you don't return to your first love. 

You've lost touch with how you started. 

You've lost touch with tears in your secret place. 

You've lost touch with those words Elohim told you while you waited on Him in your room and in Camp of Faith. 

You've gone far from the will of God concerning your destiny and ministry. 

Yet you're still working signs and wonders. 

There was a covenant before you were born that you will serve the Lord.

Right now, nothing moves you again and you've suddenly surrounded your self with the same guys that have the issues you were praying to get out of. 

And you know that if you continue like this that this move of God will come and leave you behind against the word of God over your head. 

Can we pray? 
That God would cause your heart to be burdened again. 
If not for any other thing, for your dry eyes to cry again and for your passion to be purified again to the shame of the Devil and to the Glory of God! 

Let us pray! 

Pls do share, o saints of God! 


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