Preacher: Can somebody shout Fire ya ya ya
Audience: Fireeeee ya ya ya !
And after service the hottest of them all was as cold as snow.

Sir, I accept you are the lion but, wait until you have a true encounter with the Lion of Judah.
Ma, so because you prayed and someone with headache got relieved, you started preaching "Pathways of healing, Concept of healing & so on".
You've told us that you are the fight, wait until local witches come to press you at night.

The power promised in Acts 1:8 will be an impartation of Power and not Oxford grammar.
So when you meet a demon face to face you will start looking for dictionary? I laugh !

Do you know that even the stammering of Moses was more relevant than the counsels of Pharaohs wise men?
Its better we look for a corner and cry to God for help o.. Instead of using words to claim what we are not.

Programs everywhere.. That's good
Concerts everywhere..   That's very good
Churches everywhere... That's awesome..
Let impact also be everywhere.. Let this God be seen everywhere.

Gods design for the Church is not that light will compete with lights to see who shines brighter in the Church, but that those lights will illuminate the dark and that they won't brag that they illuminated the dark.

Stop making noise & start making impact.
It is God that is doing those great deeds trough you.
When your Thanksgiving becomes void of God.. Dear,Stop that noiseğŸŽ¯

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